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November 9

Prayer Walk Cities: Ujjain, Madurai, Dwaraka, Kanchipuram

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Ujjain. One of the seven sacred cities of India called the “Sapta Puri,” Ujjain is situated on the banks of the Kshipra River. Legends tell that this holy city emerged during the time of Samudra Manthan. The Mahakaleshwar Shrine, one of the twelve sacred abodes of Shiva, is in Ujjain.

Madurai. Known as the “temple town” of India, Madurai is home to many sacred and beautiful temples. Some are among the most ancient in the country, and many are known for their outstanding architecture.

Dwaraka. Said to be where Lord Krishna spent his life after the assassination of King Kansa, Dwaraka is a sacred destination for those seeking mental peace. Dwaraka depicts the tale of Krishna’s life.

Kanchipuram. Located on the bank of Vegavathi River, “Kanchi” is also called the City of Thousand Temples and City of Gold. There are 108 Shaiva temples and 18 Vaishnava temples in Kanchi.

The Christian Church in India

The presence of Christianity in India dates back to ancient times, tracing its roots to the apostle Thomas, who is believed to have arrived on the Malabar Coast in the first century AD. Over the centuries, the Christian church in India has experienced a complex and diverse history, contributing to the religious tapestry of the country.

After the arrival of Thomas, Christianity gradually spread along the west coast of India. The appearance of European colonizers in the 15th century, including the Portuguese, Dutch, and British, further influenced the growth of Christianity. Missionaries played a crucial role in establishing churches, schools, and hospitals, impacting India’s social and educational landscape.

The church in India today represents roughly 2.3% of the population. It encompasses various denominations, including Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and independent churches. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and the northeastern states have a significant Christian presence.

As is the case in many parts of the world, some may choose to follow Jesus but continue to identify culturally as Hindu.

Significant challenges to the growth of the church include occasional religious intolerance and conversions being criticized as a threat to indigenous culture. The caste system has been difficult to eradicate, and the current government has largely ignored a climate of prejudice and outright oppression in parts of the country.

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