110 Cities

10 Days of Prayer

10 – 19 May 2024
for us to be even better witnesses, for new churches to be started across 10 unreached Middle East cities and for all of Jerusalem to know Jesus!

Remember the Promise

Ten days of prayer for revival before Pentecost

Night-and-Day Prayer for Revival in the Church, the Nations and Israel

Jesus’ disciples stayed in Jerusalem after He ascended to heaven. For ten days they prayed together in one place. Finally, on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out on all those who were gathered in the upper room.

Today, millions of believers have agreed to pray together for 10 days from Friday 10 May - 19 May – Pentecost Sunday 2024.

We invite everyone to join in this 10 days of prayer for Revival in the church, the Nations and Israel

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Day 01 | 10 May 2024

CAIRO (Egypt)

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Day 02 | 11 May 2024

AMMAN (Jordan)

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Day 03 | 12 May 2024


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Day 04 | 13 May 2024


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Day 05 | 14 May 2024

Baghdad (IRAQ)

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Day 06 | 15 May 2024


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Day 07 | 16 May 2024


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Day 08 | 17 May 2024


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Day 09 | 18 May 2024

West Bank and Gaza (Israel)

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Day 10 | 19 May 2024


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| Pentecost | 24hrs Prayer

Global Day of Prayer

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