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Prayer Walking Overview

Prayer walking our neighbourhoods and cities!

Walk’nPray is a prayer initiative to encourage Christians to go out on the streets, blessing their neighbourhood, city, region and country. Using technology on smartphones to support and connect those praying. 

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Prayer-walking is simply praying on-site with insight (observation) and inspiration (revelation). It is a form of prayer that is visible, verbal and mobile.

Its usefulness is two-fold: 1. To gain spiritual reconnaissance and 2. To release the power of God’s word and Spirit in specific places, and for particular people.

“Be sure God is addressed, and people are blessed” (Steve Hawthorne)


  1. Walking -- in pairs or triplets
  2. Worshiping -- extolling God’s names & nature
  3. Watching -- outward clues (data from places & faces) and inward cues (discernment from the Lord)


  1. Commit your walk to the Lord, ask the Spirit to guide
  2. Cover yourselves with divine protection (Ps. 91)
  3. Connect with the Holy Spirit (Ro. 8:26, 27)


  1. Mix & mingle conversation with praise & praying
  2. As you begin, extol & bless the Lord
  3. Use Scripture to release God’s blessing
  4. Ask the Spirit to direct your steps
    • Enter & walk through buildings
    • Linger in a particular place
    • Stop and pray for people


  1. Glean: what did we observe or experience?
  2. Any surprise “divine appointments?”
  3. Distill 2-3 prayer points, close with corporate prayer
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