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Prayer into Action!

Bring hope to someone by offering them encouragement or support.

DAY 4 - 1 NOV 2023

Sharing Hope: Jesus, Our Light in Darkness

Praying for the City of Mumbai - especially the Rajputs People

What's it like there...

Mumbai is a city of dreams with towering skyscrapers, famous movie stars, and delicious vada pav street snacks.

What kids like doing...

Virat enjoys playing street cricket, and Alisha loves going to the beach.

Our Prayers for Mumbai

Heavenly Father...

may the city of Mumbai become a city filled with Jesus-followers! We pray that as more and more people become Your children, many house churches will multiply with believers excited to share the good news of Your love with everyone they meet. May the gospel spread like wildfire.

Lord Jesus...

help the people of Mumbai know You as their Creator who have made them special. May they accept each other, become friends and be kind to one another. Let there be unity and love in their communities.

Holy Spirit...

We pray that You will touch the movie producers in Mumbai so that the movies they produced will have good moral values that will teach the people how to live right. Fill them with Your love. Guide the people in Mumbai to care for and appreciate their many old buildings. Help them as they plan and build new ones.

A Special Prayer for the Rajputs People

We pray for the Rajputs to come to know Jesus, the king of Kings. May they become members of Jesus’ Royal family.

Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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