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Prayer into Action!

Forgive someone who has hurt you and show them kindness.

DAY 3 - 31 OCT 2023

Sharing Forgiveness: Following Jesus' Example

Praying for the City of Kolkata - especially the Khandait People

What's it like there...

Kolkata is a city of joy, famous for sweets like rasgulla, and it celebrates Durga Puja with amazing decorations and dances.

What kids like doing...

Aryan loves playing soccer, and Riya enjoys painting and visiting art exhibitions.

Our Prayers for Kolkata

Heavenly Father...

We pray for the city of Kolkata. Drive out the evil spirits from this place and shine the light of Your Great Love throughout the region. Heal broken hearts and lives and bring the people back to You.

Lord Jesus...

May the poor in Kolkata hear the good news and know You love them.

Holy Spirit...

Thank You for blessing this city through the love of Mother Teresa and all the Missionaries of Charity. May their love spread to many others in the city and may become God’s children.

A Special Prayer for the Khandait People

We pray for the Khandait people group to hear the good news. May Christians become their friends as they share the love of Jesus with them.

Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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