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Day 16
5 Feb 2024
Praying for

Taiyuan, China

What it's like there...

Taiyuan is known for its history and old temples. It's quieter than big cities, and people enjoy noodles and peaceful parks.

What Kids like doing...

Jie and Yan discover old temples and enjoy local noodle dishes.

Today's Theme: Miracle

Justin’s thoughts
Within every challenge lies a hidden MIRACLE, waiting to be unveiled. With faith, even the smallest stone can reveal God's mighty work.

Our Prayers for

Taiyuan, China

  • Pray for courage for people in Taiyuan who believe in Jesus.
  • Ask God to let people meet more and talk freely online.
  • Pray for church leaders in Taiyuan to stay strong during hard times.
Pray for the 1 groups of people who don't know Jesus
Ask God who or what He wants you to pray for today and pray as He leads you!

Today's Verse...

"All things are possible with God." - Mark 10:27

Let's do it!...

Pray for a miracle in a difficult situation today.
Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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