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DAY 09
18 May 2024
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“Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face forever more.” 1 Chronicles 16:11 (NKJV)

West Bank and Gaza

The West Bank and Gaza are unique entities in today’s world. Parts of the two areas consist of a series of autonomous, Palestinian-governed regions. The West Bank, approximately the size of Delaware, is bordered by Israel to the west and Jordan to the east. Gaza (also called the Gaza Strip) is approximately twice the size of Washington, D.C., and shares a border with Israel to the north and east and Egypt to the south.

The Gaza Strip has been under the de facto governing authority of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) since 2007, and has faced years of conflict, poverty, and humanitarian crises.

A full 45 percent of the West Bank population are children under 15 years of age, compared with 50 percent in Gaza.

The war with Israel that started in response to Hamas attacks within Israel in October, 2023 has created an ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Ways To Pray:

  • Pray for the gospel to reach thousands of hurting, and displaced families and become Jesus followers
  • Pray for orphans and families to be rescued and cared for in the midst of war
  • Pray for the Lord to save terrorists and extremists
  • Pray for multiplying house church movements among Palestine Arabs throughout Israel
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