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Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghans in Kabul (the capital and largest city in Afghanistan) have been weathering a challenging season following the Taliban’s rise to power in August 2021. Over 600,000 have fled the country since January 2021, contributing to the nearly 6 million Afghan refugees abroad. Despite such instability, believers in Kabul are standing firm, as the church in Afghanistan is the second-fastest-growing church in the world.

Over 600,000 have fled the country since January 2021
  1. Pray for the exaltation of Jesus and the transformation of new believers to be freed from demonic strongholds and be made whole.
  2. Pray for the rescue and protection of orphans of war and for the many children who lack sufficient food and care.
  3. Pray for the Kingdom of God to come in signs, wonders, and power.
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