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DAY 14 - March 23
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, home to 8.6 million people. It is well known for its modern skyline dominated by the 451-meter-tall Petronas Twin Towers, a pair of glass and steel skyscrapers with Islamic motifs.

The people of Kuala Lumpur are diverse, with ethnic Malays making up the majority. Ethnic Chinese are the next largest group, followed by Indians, Sikhs, Eurasians, Europeans, and an increasing number of migrants. Liberal retirement visa rules allow a US citizen to live in the country for ten years.

The religious mix in Kuala Lumpur is also diverse, with Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu communities living and practicing side by side. Approximately 9% of the population is Christian. Religious proselytization is allowed in Malaysia. In fact, many tourist-oriented hotels will have a bible in their rooms.a


Prayer Emphasis

  • Many small churches have no pastor, even though there are bible colleges and seminaries. Pray for graduates to feel called to a parish ministry and discipling new believers.
  • Pray for the new party of leaders elected in 2022 to be successful in their efforts to satisfy both moderate and conservative Muslims, as well as the diverse minorities living in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Pray for the many students in Kuala Lumpur to hear about Jesus and take the message back to their families.
Thanks for praying with us –

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