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November 13


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Ahmadabad, the most populous city in the Gujarat state, is a sprawling metropolis in west-central India. The city was founded by the Muslim ruler, Sultan Ahmad Shah, next to the older Hindu town of Asawal.

Though Ahmadabad endured a massive earthquake in 2001 that killed nearly 20,000 people, ancient architecture from Hindu, Muslim, and Jain traditions still stands throughout the city today, accurately portraying the religious and cultural diversity that is a defining characteristic of Ahmadabad.

With several textile mills, Ahmadabad is called the “Manchester of India” after the better-known city in England. The city also has a thriving diamond district.

The Holy Spirit at Work…

“One of our leaders is a young girl working for a wealthy man who owns much property. She shared these stories of the Lord’s work: ‘My top boss’s son was very sick and had not eaten for quite a while. So his parents took him to the doctor. While they were there, I happened to meet them, and I offered to pray for the son. After I prayed, he was immediately healed and began to eat and drink, which made an impression on the parents.”

‘Within a couple of days, the boss called me and said, “My wife wants to spend some time with you because when she talked with you, she felt peace. So we’re sending a car to pick you up and bring you to my house.” So I went because I wanted to make disciples, and the wife wanted to know: “What exactly is this all about?” This gave me an opportunity to share the good news.’”

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