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DAY 13 - 10 NOV 2023

Sharing Strength: Finding Power in Jesus

Praying for the City of Kanpur - especially the Ansari People

What's it like there...

Kanpur is a city with lots of history, and you can learn about it in the Kanpur Sangrahalaya museum.

What kids like doing...

Arif enjoys playing cricket with his friends, and Sana loves learning traditional Indian classical dance.

Our Prayers for Kanpur

Heavenly Father...

We pray for the city of Kanpur today. May the people bow before You as they come to know the truth. We pray that the Jesus-followers there would be bold in sharing their faith with their family and friends. You are worthy of all our praise!

Lord Jesus...

Thank you for the creative people of Kanpur. They are famous for their architecture, gardens, parks, and fine-quality leather, plastic, and textile products, which are exported mainly to the West. May they know that You have made them special.

Holy Spirit...

Fill the children and families with knowledge of the love of Jesus.

A Special Prayer for the Ansari People

We pray for the Ansari people. May the light of Jesus shine in their community and bring them into the kingdom of God.

Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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