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Prayer into Action!

Practice patience by waiting calmly for something without getting upset.

DAY 16 - 13 NOV 2023

Sharing Patience: Trusting God's Timing, Just like Jesus

Praying for the City of Ahmedabad - especially the Bhil People

What's it like there...

Ahmedabad is a vibrant city with colorful kites, tasty dhoklas, and the Sabarmati Ashram, where Gandhi lived.

What kids like doing...

Dhaval enjoys participating in Bhil tribal dances, and Dipika loves creating traditional Bhil artwork.

Our Prayers for Ahmedabad

Heavenly Father...

We lift the city of Ahmadabad to You today! Move the hearts of the people there to be hungry and open to hearing the Gospel. Let the Jesus-followers there rise up to make your name known in those regions. May everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, decide to give their lives to You and follow You forever.

Lord Jesus...

May the people in Ahmedabad know who they are when they discover You. May their hearts be open to learn about You and about themselves.

Holy Spirit...

You have filled Ahmedabad with much creativity and variety of culture. May the people treat each other with kindness and respect, showing Your love to one another.

A Special Prayer for the Bhil People

We pray for the Bhil people to have the opportunity to know and follow Jesus.

Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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