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DAY 6 - 3 NOV 2023

Sharing Gratitude: Thanking Jesus for His Blessings

Praying for the City of Bhopal - especially the Panika People

What's it like there...

Bhopal has beautiful lakes where you can go boating, and it's known for its tasty Poha and the serene Van Vihar National Park.

What kids like doing...

Rohan enjoys cycling and exploring nature, while Maya loves singing and performing.

Our Prayers for Bhopal

Heavenly Father...

we pray for all the people who live in Bhopal. Open their spiritual eyes and show them that You are the One who loves and has redeemed them. May they come to know You as their Lord and Savior.

Lord Jesus...

we thank You for this city with a famous mosque where people come to pray from all over India. May they know You as a friend who sticks closer than a brother and experience the peace that only You can give.

Holy Spirit...

we thank You for the beautiful greenery and lakes in this city. May the people find You in the beauty of the surrounding nature.

A Special Prayer for the Panika People

We pray for the Panika people who are 99.8% Hindu. May they receive the good news of Jesus’ love with open hearts.

Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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