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Introducing The Children’s Hindu Prayer Guide

Hindu Prayer Guide for Kids

The goal of this guide is to help kids aged 6-12 years around the world to pray with their families, focusing on prayer for the Hindu people. Over the next 18 days, more than 200 million people will be praying for the Hindus around the globe.

We are really glad you’re joining them!

May the Holy Spirit guide and speak to you as you pray for others to come to know the magnificent love of Jesus.

The origins of Hinduism reach back to 2500 BC. No one knows who officially started the religion, but old texts were found that give us an idea of Hinduism's earliest beliefs and rituals. Over time, Hinduism began to absorb ideas from different religions, but the central ideas of “dharma”, “karma” and “samsara” remain.

Dharma: the good things someone must do to lead a righteous life
Karma: a belief that actions have consequences
Samsara: the cycle of birth, death and rebirth

Hindus believe in “reincarnation”, the idea that a person will come back to life in a different form after they die. They believe that the form a human takes after death depends on how good or bad they were in their “old” life.

A person who did a lot of bad things would be “reincarnated” as a lowly animal, while someone who had done more good things than bad things might be born again as a human. Hindus believe that only if someone is really good can they break out of this reincarnation cycle.
Many different deities (a fancy word for “gods”) are worshipped in Hinduism. It is the third-largest religion in the world and most Hindus live in India.

Daily Themes for the Children’s Hindu Prayer Guide

Cities that we are praying for each day

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Our 2BC Vision for the Children

Our prayer is that through this guide we will see…

Children hearing the voice of their Heavenly Father
Children knowing their identity in Christ
Children empowered by God’s Spirit to share His love with others

Prayer Guide Images – Kindly note that all of the images used in this prayer guide are digitally created and are for illustrative purposes only.  The images are not in way associated with the people in the articles. 

Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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