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Justin's Story

Justin is an incredibly talented young Indonesian writer. He overcame the massive challenges of autism, difficulty speaking and daily struggles to publish his first book at the age of 8. Despite his difficulties, Justin uses his writing to inspire and encourage others worldwide, turning his challenges into a source of strength.

Justin has written our daily thoughts and themes for the 10 Day Prayer Guide and trusts that each one of us is blessed, comforted and encouraged by them.

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Here is Justin's introduction...

Never ever give up on your dreams!'

I am Justin Gunawan from Secondary One.

Today I want to talk about dreams. Everyone young and old has dreams.

I have a dream to be a speaker and a writer... but life is not always smooth. The road is not always clear.

I was diagnosed with a severe speech disorder. I didn't really speak until I was
five years old. Hours and hours of therapy had helped me to where I am now, still choppy and had difficulty.

Do I ever have self pity?
Do I feel sorry for myself?
Do I ever give up to my dream?

No!! it's only made me work harder and harder.

Let me be honest with you, occasionally yes.

I might get frustrated, tired and a little discouraged with my situation.

So what do I usually do? Breathe, rest and relax but never ever give up!

Justin Gunawan (14)

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More about Justin...

Justin was diagnosed with autism at two. He was unable to speak until five. He underwent 40 hours of therapy weekly. He was not accepted by 15 schools before finally finding one. At seven, his writing skill was assessed at just 0.1 percent, but his mother's efforts to teach him how to hold a pencil and write bore fruit. By eight, Justin's writing was published by a national publisher.

Despite his difficulties in speaking and the daily struggles with his autism, Justin uses his writing to inspire and encourage others worldwide, turning his challenges into a source of strength. His writing can be seen on Instagram @justinyoungwriter, where he continues to share his journey and connect with people around the world.

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