110 Cities

Hey everyone!

For over 30 years, this prayer book has helped people who follow Jesus learn about their Muslim neighbors. It also encourages us to ask Jesus for lots of kindness and help.

Welcome to this special kids edition, which has been compiled by our friends at 2BC – (2 Billion Children).  We are sure you will find it helpful and inspiring.

Not long ago, some big research found out that more than 90% of people in the world who haven't heard about Jesus – like Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists – live in really big cities. So, people who teach about Jesus started focusing more on these huge cities. A lot of people all over the world started praying together about this.

Guess what? All this research, praying, and telling others about Jesus is working wonders! We're hearing amazing stories and seeing proof that when we work together to spread Jesus' love and forgiveness, great things happen.

The 2024 prayer book is all about caring a lot for our neighbors and telling them the best news ever – that they can find hope and be saved because of Jesus. Thanks to everyone who helped make this book and to those who are praying and helping in big cities.

Let's tell everyone about what Jesus has done and who He is.

This is all about sharing the story of Jesus,

William J. Dubois
(The person who put the mums & dads version of this book together)

Childrens 10 Days of Prayer
for the Muslim World
In partnership with:
Thanks for praying with us –

See you tomorrow!

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