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Pregnant mum and her injured pray-ers healed!

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“In one area, a woman had a lot of complications with her pregnancy. Her doctor said that she may not survive. Two of our leaders committed to pray for her daily as the Lord led them."

“On the second day, while they went to the hospital to pray, they fell off their scooter and had scrapes and bruises. They said to each other, ‘This is bad, but let’s go and pray first, then we can come back and get some first aid.’ When they finished praying and left, they found no more bruises!  They were completely healed!”

“For four days, they regularly prayed for the woman, then said, ‘Tomorrow morning, everything will be okay.’ And that’s exactly what happened; everything was okay. The woman was healed and had a normal delivery of her baby, which opened a door for sharing the good news.”

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