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Sashi - brought back to life through Prayer!

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“About 12 years ago, Sashi was sick with a fever. Her parents took her to the hospital. After two days, her condition became very serious. Later, the doctors told her parents, ‘Your daughter is dead."

“When they saw the body, Sashi’s mother began crying and screaming. Her father said, ‘Don’t cry. Let’s pray."

“So they knelt by Sashi’s body, and began to pray. After 10 minutes, they suddenly heard Sashi hiccup and start breathing again. They called for the doctor to examine her. He said, ‘She’s completely healed! She doesn’t need any more treatment. You can take her home now."

“She went from the ICU with a high fever to death to completely healthy and on her way home. This miraculous work is just one of many the Lord has done among the Bhojpuri.”

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