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Many of our prayer partners around the world have asked how they can engage more with praying for particular cities… and to meet with other Christians with a similar prayer calling.

We are so encouraged and excited by this wave of support and passion for seeing the Gospel message reach everyone across these remaining people groups in the 110 cities and beyond!

Along with a number of our partner organizations, we are developing a plan, which is taking shape, to meet this identified opportunity…. to coordinate prayer campaigns across all 110 cities.

We will be adding information to each of the 110 City Pages as the communities develop.  Do look out for prayer-walking info, online prayer gatherings, time critical prayer needs, team information and city oriented resources, which will be added to each city page as ‘Adopt a City’ develops.

To sign up as a prayer partner for one or more cities, please complete this form below.  We will update you periodically with news and info.

Thank you for your support and partnership!

The 110 Cities Team

Adopt a City Sign Up Form

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