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23 May 2023
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Personal revival

Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch your heart with renewed compassion, zeal, light and life to obey God rather than men, despite challenges. Ask the Holy Spirit to break every evil stronghold preventing you from serving the Lord with an obedient praying heart.

Revival in the Church

Pray for the Church to be cleansed and revived, and to become re-aligned with its original purpose to win souls for the kingdom. Also, ask for the Church to be led by the Spirit and boldly speak of Jesus Christ our Lord. Pray for the Persecuted Church and underground house church movement to remain steadfast and not to be silenced.

Pray for your city

Pray for more workers to gather prayer information with which to inform intercessors from all walks of life about issues that need prayer in your city. Ask that this information will be made available to all churches in the city, to pray through in agreement.

Pray for an Unreached city in the Middle East: Mosul (Iraq)

Pray for people in Mosul (Iraq) who are seeking nourishment from sources that can never satisfy, to receive the Bread of Heaven from the hands and hearts of believers.

Prayer for Israel

Pray for the Jewish believers to grow in mercy ministries of compassion to the poor, the broken, widows and orphans!

Simple prayer

Holy Spirit, teach me perseverance.

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