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November 3


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Bhopal is the capital city of the Madhya Pradesh state in central India. Though not a large metropolis by Indian standards, Bhopal houses the 19th-century Taj-ul-Masjid, the largest mosque in India. A three-day religious pilgrimage at the mosque occurs annually, drawing Muslims from all parts of India.

Bhopal is one of India’s greenest cities, boasting two major lakes and a large national park.

The effects of the 1984 Union Carbide chemical accident still linger over the city nearly 40 years after the incident. Court cases remain unresolved, and the ruins of the empty plant are still untouched.

The Holy Spirit at Work…

“About 12 years ago, Sashi was sick with a fever, so her parents took her to the hospital. After two days, her condition became more serious, and she was moved to the ICU. She had not been there long when the doctors came out and told her parents, ‘Your daughter is dead.’”

“When they saw the body, Sashi’s mother began crying and screaming. Her father said, ‘Don’t cry. Let’s pray.’”

“So they went in, knelt by Sashi’s body, and began to pray. They prayed earnestly for about 10 minutes, then suddenly heard Sashi hiccup and start breathing again. They called for the doctor, who came and checked her over thoroughly. At last, he said, ‘She’s completely healed! She doesn’t need any more treatment. You can take her home now.’”

“She went from the ICU with a high fever to dead to wholly healthy and on her way home. This miraculous work is just one of many the Lord has done among the Bhojpuri.”

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