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One Miracle Night

24hrs Prayer for the Muslim world

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One Miracle Night – 24hrs Prayer for the Muslim world

One Miracle Night – Global Day of Prayer for the Muslim World

April 5th 9:00am (EST) – April 6th 9:00am (EST)
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Welcome to One Miracle Night!

One Miracle Night is an annual, one-day event that unites Christians around the world to pray for 1.8 billion Muslims to encounter Jesus Christ. Focused on 24 unreached megacities, One Miracle Night is a live, 24-hour prayer event, and takes place on Friday April 5th, 2024, starting at 9am EST.

One evening during Ramadan, the month of holy fasting, as many as 1 billion devout seekers pray for a fresh revelation from God. Tradition holds that on this one night - the Night of Power - God reveals himself to the faithful through miracles, signs and wonders.

Pray where you are, in groups, or join us ONLINE HERE

One Miracle Night draws together many from the global Christian Church to pray for these seekers. In this fourth year of the event, we invite you to gather virtually for 24 hours of dedicated prayer with believers around the world, joining for at least one hour or as you can.

Pray with us that God reveals Himself in truth, love and power to each seeking heart.

"I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people." - 1 Tim 2:1 NIV

One Miracle Night is a partnership between thousands of indigenous Church Planting Movements, International Prayer Connect, Jesus Film, The Global Family 24-7 Prayer Room and many other international groups.

Join us ONLINE for 24 Hours Prayer,
Worship & Testimonies in the
Global 24-7 Family Prayer Room (Zoom)



Friday 5th April 2024
Starts 9am (EST)


  1. Pray for divine protection and anointing over the underground house churches as they send teams to each of the languages spoken in each city.
  2. Prayer for the NT Translation in the key language in each city.
  3. Pray for the exaltation of Jesus and the transformation of new believers to be freed from demonic strongholds and whole.
  4. Pray for the rescue and protection of orphans of war and for the many children who lack sufficient food and care.
  5. Pray for the Kingdom of God to come in signs, wonders, and power.
  6. Pray for the establishment of leadership schools that enables new believers to grow in their faith and boldness.

'One Miracle Night' – Prayers for the Muslim World

(Click the City Names for Info & Prayer Pointers)
Times are Pacific Time (UTC-8)

Many people around the world are praying for God to release his power in 24 Muslim cities where many don’t know about Jesus. Let’s ALL pray that God shows Himself to the lost in signs, wonders, miracles and dreams.

Sign up at the link below to pray as an entire family!

Dear God,

Please protect you children who are risking their lives to tell others about you. Please rescue orphans of war who have lost everything and provide food for children who are starving. May the name of Jesus be lifted up over these cities and may many come to faith in you. Shine Your light in these dark places and let Your kingdom light in these dark places and let Your kingdom come in signs, wonders and power. Amen!

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