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కోనాక్రి, గినియా

పీపుల్ గ్రూప్స్ ఫోకస్

Conakry is the capital of Guinea, a country in West Africa. The city sits on the slender Kaloum Peninsula, which extends into the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to 2.1 million people, many of whom have come in from the countryside seeking work, exacerbating the strain on an already limited infrastructure.

A port city, Conakry is the economic, financial, and cultural center of Guinea. With 25% of the world’s known bauxite reserves, as well as high-grade iron ore, significant diamond and gold deposits, and uranium, the country should have a robust economy. Unfortunately, political corruption and inefficient internal infrastructure have resulted in significant poverty.

A military coup in 2021 deposed the democratically elected president. The longterm outcomes of this change are still being determined.

Conakry is overwhelmingly Muslim, with 89% of the population followers of Islam. The Christian minority is still strong by many standards, with 7% of the people identifying as Christian. Most of these live in Conakry and the southeast portions of the country. Guinea has three bible schools and six leadership training schools, but still lacks Christian leaders.


ప్రార్థన ఉద్ఘాటన

  • 43% of the population is under the age of 15. Pray that the message of hope through Jesus will be communicated to these young people.
  • Pray for leaders in the church to implement strong discipleship programs to develop additional leaders.
  • Pray for political and economic stability for this resource-rich nation. Pray that a democratic government can be reestablished.
  • Pray that the relative religious freedom now enjoyed in Guinea will continue.
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