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కోమ్, ఇరాన్

పీపుల్ గ్రూప్స్ ఫోకస్

Qom is a city in north central Iran, about 90 miles south of Tehran. Though relatively small with just 1.3 million people, it has considerable religious significance. Qom is considered holy in Shi’a Islam, as it is the site of the shrine of Fatimah bint Musa.

Since the revolution of 1979, Qom has become the clerical center of Iran, with more than 45,000 Imams, or “spiritual leaders,” living here. Many Grand Ayatollahs keep offices in both Tehran and Qom.

While the Iranian constitution recognizes Christianity as one of the four acceptable religions, an exception is anyone who converts from Islam to Christianity, which is illegal and can be punishable by death. Despite this, the last few years have seen a tremendous number of converts. Some estimate this to be as high as three million, although it is difficult to access accurate numbers as many of the house churches meet clandestinely.

Whatever the number is, we can praise God for the growing Jesus movement in this city and nation!


ప్రార్థన ఉద్ఘాటన

  • Pray for safety for the leaders of the underground Jesus movement in Qom.
  • Pray that signs, wonders, dreams, and visions from the Holy Spirit touch millions of people in Iran during this Ramadan.
  • The Turkic people groups in the northern parts of the country have almost no Christian influence. Pray that teams being sent to them will discern the men of peace and be able to share the Gospel.
  • Offer thanksgiving to God for the growth of his church in this city and country.
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